About Scott

Scott Jenson has been doing user interface design and strategic planning for over 30 years. He worked at Apple on System 7, Newton, and the Apple Human Interface guidelines. He was UX director of Symbian, VP of product design for Cognima, managed mobile UX for Google and was a creative director at frog design in San Francisco.

Scott returned to Google in 2013 to lead the Physical Web project and research future Android UX concepts. In 2021, Scott left Google to explore life outside.

As a battle-scarred veteran of the software industry, Scott has shipped a consumer spreadsheet, been a part of 2 Mac OS releases, 5 Newton product cycles, 4 commercial website revisions, designed 3 different mobile phone UIs, sworn at innumerable mobile browsers, and has over 30 patents.

You can find Scott on Twitter or Mastodon

IEEE Computer: Future IoT: Building Better Legos
Why the IoT needs UX motivated technologies in order to succeed

IEEE Computer: Enabling the Internet of Things
A more technical introduction to the Physical Web concept, co written with Roy Want and Bill Schilit

Wired: The Zombie Apocalypse of Smart Devices is Coming
A fairly short overview of my basic premise, that smart devices will overturn our basic concepts of design and consumer devices

The Simplicity Shift
A design handbook for program managers. Initially published by Cambridge University Press but now available for free download.

The Inside Text
I wrote the chapter called “Default thinking: why consumer products fail”.

HCI Remixed
I wrote the chapter called “1+1=3. The impact of Edward Tufte on Interaction Design”