Thinking Different

There is an almost mythic belief that macOS is far better than Windows. So much so that most Mac users feel it’s not even worth trying. I’ve been on Macs for over 30 years, I’m part of this cult but it’s time to test the theory. I’m going to make the switch to Windows. I’ve already had a few colleagues gasp in horror but some things give me hope.

First, I spend most of my time on the web (e.g. right now) so as long as I have a good browser, I should be fine..

Second, much of what I need is well covered on windows (Sublime, VLC, Google Drive, Dropbox, even bash!)

Third, the two hero applications I need, Sketch and Keynote, have alternatives I’m willing to try: Figma and PowerPoint. I’ll admit, I’m most nervous here as I’m entrenched into these communities. This part will likely hurt.

I’m quite sure many will claim I’m overreacting but honestly, I don’t see how I can loose. If things go well, I’m free of a company that no longer makes hardware that reflects my needs. If it’s a disaster, I at least tried something new and will certainly gain some perspective in the process.

I’m “thinking different”. I’ll be blogging here as I start the process and move over.